Profile of S/N: 13248

  • Vehicle's and owner's details listed in the "New members cars" section of the Ferrari Owner's Club UK quarterly journal/magazine: "Ferrari" (Vol. 10, Num. 4, Autumn 1978). Owned by Mr. S. M. of Wicken, Milton Keynes.
  • From ? to 1987, was owned by Mr. C. P. of Leatherhead.
  • From ? to 1999, was owned by Mrs. P. P. (also of Leatherhead? She is the wife of Mr. C. P.).
  • Offered for sale by: "Forza288" of Dorset, England, in 2003. The car was purchased by it's now, current owner (info as of December, 2007). The car is still in original condition and is driven regularily.