Profile of S/N: 08008

  • Car imported by Charles Pozzi into France. Was painted "Marrone Metallic 106-M-73" and the interior "Panno Beige". Was equiped with tinted windows, power windows and Campagnolo five-spoke wheels.
  • 3rd owner was the president of the Ferrari Club of France, who owned the car for ten years.
  • In October 2002, the brake-system, the timing belts and it's bearings, distributor seals and the alternator were replaced. The carburettors were re-synchronised also at this time.
  • In March 2003, a new windshield was installed.
  • 4th and current owner - Phil H. - purchased the car in April 2003 and exported it to his home country of Austria. He is now repairing rusty rear fenders and the trunk.
  • The car was featured in a few French auto magazines: “Sport-Auto” No. 407 and “Retro-Viseur” No. 140.