Profile of S/N: 08020

  • Features a White, Red and Blue paint scheme.
  • Ordered directly from the Ferrari factory, by Luigi Chinetti for his N.A.R.T. racing team and built to Group 5 regulations.
  • Entered in the 1974 running of the LeMans 24hr race, with Jean Louis Lafosse and Claude Gagliardi driving. The car retired from the race in the forth hour, due to transmission problems.
  • The car was entered again in the LeMans race of 1975 with Harley Cluxton and Giancarlo Gagliardi as drivers, but was withdrawn (and the rest of the N.A.R.T. team cars) before the race began, by Luigi Chinetti, due to a dispute with the organisers (A.C.O.), who they claimed the car was entered in the wrong class.
  • From 1977 to 1983, the car was owned by Mr. W. S. of Playa Del Ray, California.
  • From 1984 to ? , the car was owned by Mr. H. T. of California.
  • From 1991 to 1999, the car was offered for sale through the specialty car/Ferrari-dealership: "Fantasy Junction".
  • Sold in 1999 to Mr. B. W. of the U.K.

Factory part numbers:

Note: some of the following parts may not be available from the factory, or from parts suppliers anymore. These parts and modifications were for competition purposes only and would not be legal for street use on emission and non-emission equiped, 308 GT4's and 308 GTB/GTS models.

Engine block: 107536
Crankshaft: 105623
Harmonic balancer (without air conditioner pulley): 105160
Main bearings (Vandervell): Front: 100036
Middle: 4118992E
Rear: 100037
Connecting rod bearings (Vandervell): 130 14447
Connecting rods (Bolts: "F1", gr.M): 251F/140172
Pistons (Borgo "7709", 81mm, 310gr., Comp. ratio: 9.7:1): 251F/140174
Piston rings (Borgo 81mm): 1st - 33'1433'002 PKB (1.5 x 3-)
2nd - 33'6372 Ros. (1.5 x 3-)
3rd - 33'6420 002 (2.8 Mo)
Piston pins: 14487
Cylinder liners (enlarged 0.03 - 0.04mm): 103588
Cylinder heads (ported and polished): 103514
Valves: Intake: 103575
Exhaust (X-Rayed): 106533
Valve seats: Intake: 105722
Exhaust: 102859
Valve guides: 102857
Valve springs: Inner: 100239
Outer: 100240
Camshafts (mild heat-treated core, nitrided surface): 107188
Timing belts (standard tensioners): 102877
Water pump (modified to 107230): 107128
Carburetor velocity stacks: 105736

Modification notes:

Camshaft timing (at 0.5mm lash): Intake: 51° BTDC/58° ABDC
Exhaust: 64° BBDC/44° ATDC
Valve lash (cold): Intake: 0.15 - 0.20mm
Exhaust: 0.20 - 0.25mm
Distributor: Marelli S159A with R1 points only and stiffer advance springs
Ignition advance: 34° @ 5000RPM 13° @ 3600RPM (distributor readings)
Spark plugs: Champion N60Y
Carburetors: Weber 40DCNF 35/36/37/38
Main venturi (choke): 36mm
Main jets: 160
Air correctors: 175
Idle jets: 0.60
Idle air correctors: 1.60mm
Float level: 48mm
Needle valve: 1.75
Progression holes: 080,140,130,160,080
Pump discharge: 040
Pump jet: 045
Bleed valve: 050
Emulsion tubes: F6 (see note below...)
(NOTE: "F6" are DCOE emulsion tubes. It is unknown to the Webmaster if this is an error - it could be a mistake for "F26", which is a proper DCNF emulsion tube - or if they actually modified the carburetors to use these bigger "F6" emulsion tubes.)
Alternator: Marelli-Fiat A 12'124'12'57 with special support
Starter: Marelli-Fiat E 100'15'12
Oil pump: Standard. Windage tray (103929) is modified to collect oil returning from heads and supply it to the sump well. A spring-loaded valve located on the left side of the car, provides an external oil fill. A sight tube indicates level. Sump baffles near pick-up tube are boxed to provide a reserve during hard cornering.
Air intake box: Modified with new inlet and flexible hose on right side from an external duct (see photo above).