Profile of S/N: 08188

  • The following information appeared in the members-only available publication: "The Prancing Horse", the quarterly magazine of "The Ferrari Club of America". Issue #138, Q.1, 2001.
  • First delivered to a woman in Normandy, France. She drove the car for 50,000 km.
  • Second owner drove the car for 25,000 km and then sold the car to the third owner, which happened to be the cousin of the second owner. The second owner would go on to own two more GT4's after this car (unknown which ones).
  • Third and current owner - Mr. J. P. - has driven the car 250,000 km, since acquiring it in 1981! Other than routine service performed at the recommended intervals, the car has proven to be very reliable with the engine being replaced and bodywork done (new paint job in 2000), being the only major issues. The owner absolutely loves the car and would not sell it, which says alot for the 308 GT4, as he's owned some of the most desirable models from Ferrari (but any GT4 owner would understand and agree with that!).
  • The two-tone paint scheme is unique and was commissioned by the third owner after acquiring it. The darker shade of Blue extends to the top of the fender edges, along the whole length of the car (a different interpretation of the "Boxer" treatment) and is highlighted by pin-striping.