Profile of S/N: 09340

  • First owned by Mr. J. W. of Texas.
  • The car was then donated to "Texas A & M University" in College Station, Texas in (date unknown) for teaching/testing purposes until the year 2000.
  • Next owned by Dr. B. R.
  • The car was then purchased by "Carobu Engineering" and was restored and modified to showcase their capabilities as an independant Ferrari service centre. This process was documented in "Forza" magazine in issue: Number 48, October 2003 ("The Scientific Method"; article on how to extract more power from a 308 motor) and issue: Number 55, August 2004 ("Black Sheep Makeover"; article about the car and how they modified it).
  • In February 2007, the car was sold in a private sale through Michael Sheehan to a doctor in Florida.
  • The car was offered on "ebay" in July 2007 and did not sell (not meeting it's Reserve price). Although, it was revealed later on the website: "" that the car sold after the auction to a gentleman from Southern California (a member of the website and a Ferrari Testarossa owner).