Profile of S/N: 09848

  • In February 1992, the car was owned by Mr. F. of Freeport, New York. He had the car up for sale at that time and it was stated that the car had only 13,500mi on the odometer.
  • Offered up for sale on "ebay" in July, 2007. It was stated that the car had only 19,400mi on the odometer at the time of sale. It featured aftermarket, Campagnolo wheels and the first-style U.S. regulation bumpers. The car failed to sell.
  • In August 2007, Mr. P. L. of Connecticut purchased the car from the owner (the one who listed the car on "ebay"). After receiving the "Original Colours" certificate from Ferrari, he can confirm the car's current colour is original ("Rosso Chiaro 20-R-190, Pelle Nera VM 8500").