Profile of S/N: 09956

  • First owned by Mr. M. M. of Farmington Hill, Michigan.
  • In September 1978, the car was offered up for sale by: "The Sports Car Exchange" of Dearborn, Michigan. It was stated that the car had 15,000mi on the odometer at the time of sale.
  • In August 1979 the car was registered to Mr. and Mrs. L. M. of LaPorte City, Iowa. The car had 18,500mi on the odometer at that time.
  • The next owner was Mr. R. T. of Keene, New Hampshire, who purchased the car through: "P.M. Racing" of Waterloo, Iowa in December 1988.
  • In January 1989, Mr. R. T. sold the car to Mr. W. H. (of Maine?...), who eventually registers it in New Hampshire, in September 1994.
  • In May 2005, the car was offered up in a consignment sale by: "Maine Line Exotics", on behalf of Mr. W. H. They stated in their ad that the proprietor of "Maine Line Exotics" (Mr. R. T.) had purchased the car from the second owner in the mid 1980's and sold it to this then current owner.
  • Offered up for sale in June 2006, possibly by the owner himself, and advertised in: "Hemmings Motor News".
  • Offered up for sale again by: "Maine Line Exotics" in February 2007.
  • Purchased by the current owner - Mr. Brian C. of New York - in May 2007.