Profile of S/N: 09990

  • In Forza magazine, issue #2 (Summer 1996), Keith Martin (author/publisher of "Sports Car Market") reported on the auction scene in Phoenix, Arizona. It wasn't mentioned at which one, but at either the Kruse, or Barrett-Jackson auction (January 1996), this car was sold there for $15,750 (price not incl. comm.)
  • Offered for sale in the June 22nd, 1996 edition of the "Ferrari Market Letter", by the claimed to be second owner, in Arizona.
  • Offered again for sale in the August 31st, 1996 edition of the "FML", this time by "Classic Cars of LaJolla", in California.
  • Appears again for sale in the "FML", October 26th, 1996 edition, this time by a private individual from Nevada.
  • Purchased by the current owner in late 2000/early 2001.