Profile of S/N: 10124

  • From 1984 to 1986, the car was owned by Mr. G. H. of Woodside, California. He was listed in the 1984-1985 edition of the U.S. Ferrari Owner's Club membership directory.
  • In June 1991, the car was for sale at "Walnut Creek Ferrari" of Walnut Creek, California. It was stated that the car was painted Metallic Green and had 36,000mi on the odometer.
  • In November 1991, the car was offered up for sale at: "The Auction" in Las Vegas, Nevada (result?...).
  • In 1994, the car was offered up for sale at: "The Toy Store" in Vancouver (near Granville Island), B.C., Canada. The car had 44,000mi on the odometer at that time. Purchased by a Hong Kong resident, who would visit Canada once a year. The car was eventually "gifted" to it's Canadian caretaker.
  • The car was offered up for sale and advertised in various Vancouver newspaper classified ads ("The Vancouver Sun" and "The Province"), as well as the Canadian version of the AutoTrader (July 2007) and on (February 2008).