Profile of S/N: 10832

  • First owner - Bob C. - kept the car until 1991. Located in Illinois, U.S.A. During his ownership, he allowed use of his car in the book: "The Great Book of Sports cars; By the auto editors of Consumer Guide", by Dean Batchelor, Chris Poole & Graham Robson. Published by: Publications International, Ltd., 1988, ISBN: 0-517-63377-9. Car is on pages 192 & 193. Credit is given at the front of the book (to those who allowed use of their cars) to both Bob C. and also to John W. for this car.
  • Went to Virginia next, until 1995.
  • Offered for sale at "Foreign Cars Italia", Greensboro, North Carolina in January, 1997.
  • For sale by owner in June, 2005. Still located in North Carolina, U.S.A.
  • Current owner: Blaine W.