Profile of S/N: 10928

  • First owned by Mr. W. J. of Agoura, California until 1980.
  • From 1982 (?), was next owned by Mr. L. B. of Long Beach, California, who offered it up for sale in August 1983. It was stated that it had just been restored and had 42,000mi on the odometer at that time.
  • Offered for sale in Houston, Texas, in July 2006.
  • Offered for sale on ebay in March 2007 by: "Classic Car Studio LLC" of Saint Louis, Missouri. In the auction description, it was claimed that the car had 42,000mi on the odometer. The car failed to sell. It was relisted on ebay again, in April 2007 and again, it failed to sell. Relisted on ebay again in May 2007 and again, failed to sell.
  • The car was listed again on "ebay", by the same dealership "Classic Car Studio LLC" in June and several times in July, 2007 and on each occasion, the car failed to sell.
  • Offered for sale again on "ebay", by "Classic Car Studio LLC" in late February 2009 and failed to sell. Relisted in early March 2009 on "ebay" and it failed to sell again.