Profile of S/N: 11788

  • Delivered new in November, 1975. First registered by: "Lancaster Garages" of Colchester and originally painted Light Gold with the lower Boxer paint trim (but instead of it being matt black, it was metallic).
  • In June 1978, it was re-registered to Mr. J. H. of Little Dunmow, Essex.
  • In April 1979, it was registered back to "Lancaster Garages" and then in November, 1979, was registered to Mr. I. S. of Ashford, Middlesex. By this time the car had been repainted to Black.
  • In August 1983, the car was sold by: "Hendon Way Motors" to Mr. M. M. of Surrey.
  • In July 1985, the car was sold to Mr. P. S. of Denmark who then put the car in a museum there.
  • In October 2002, the car was sold by Mrs. D. H.-W. of West Sussex to Mr. B. C. of London. In November, 2002, Mr. B. C. had "DK Engineering" renew the suspension and brakes.
  • In April 2005, the car was sold by "DK Engineering" to Mr. N. J. of Hampshire with 41,000mi on the odometer.
  • Offered for sale by: "Rardley Motors" in June 2007 with 42,300mi on the odometer.