Profile of S/N: 12788

  • This is the Rainbow show car, designed and built (and currently owned by) Bertone.
  • Originally White, it was first displayed at the 1976 Turin Auto Show.
  • Although based on the GT4, the chassis was modified by shortening it by 3.9 inches. The unique convertible top features a see-through, tinted glass panel, that when a single switch is pressed on the top edge of the windshiled frame, the roof panel lifts up, retracts back and descends to an area behind the seats (the roof-mounted glass panel allows rearward vision when the top is stowed back behind the seats).
  • According to Bertone's Beppe Panicco (whose following quote comes from Road & Track's Ferrari special of August 1991), the Rainbow: "...was mainly developed with the final goal of producing an (Fiat) X-1/9 that was longer, lower and more powerful. The main design lines of the two cars clearly show the family identity...". It's interesting to note that although the Rainbow failed to replace the Fiat X-1/9, at around this same time, the Lancia Montecarlo/Scorpion entered the market, which in a sense was a step-up from the X-1/9 and it's no coincidence that it's internal factory code name was X-1/20...
  • The Rainbow was shipped to the U.S. and stayed there for a number of years in private custodianship before returning to Italy.