Profile of S/N: 14204

  • Above photos taken by the first owner when he owned the car.
  • The car originally featured a special wood-rimmed MOMO steering wheel, black leather dashboard and also a unique (for that time) radio that had an automatic seeking capability and indicated this function via flashing LED lights. The car also has the sunroof.
  • During the first owner's ownership, the car was recalled by the factory to have it's paint refinished (due to problems with that particular paint) by a special shop in Monterey, California.
  • The first owner claims the car was very reliable. He drove it for 36,000 miles, mostly driven around the Northern California area - Palo Alto, San Francisco, Napa, et al. and made at least three trips a year to Los Angeles. It was a great car which he had many fun experiences with.
  • In that period of time that the first owner had the car, it had only one major repair - a clutch replacement. The cost then was $900 at Ferrari Los Gatos. A Daytona clutch was used, and overall performance improved (pedal effort was a little heavy). The tires were replaced at 28,000 miles. Otherwise, he took care of regular oil changes (made at 3000 mile intervals along with minor carburetor adjustments. He would clean, adjust the plugs, and make sure the coolant system was working without any air in the lines). The total cost including tires, a clutch, oil changes, and dealership maintenance, (plus donuts for the repair shop!) was less than $2000 (at that time) over a period of 3 years.
  • This first owner (Gene G.) wishes to speak to the current owner of the car.