Profile of S/N: 15386

  • Offered for sale by "Bob Sharp Ferrari" (now known as "Miller Motorcars") in Danbury, Connecticut, in August 1982. Originally painted Rosso Rubino.
  • From 1982 to 1987, it was owned by Mr. A. C. of California.
  • Mr. A. C. then sold the car to Mr. D. D. (who was an executive for the "Guitar Center" in Los Angeles, California).
  • Mr D. D. then sold the car to Mr. R. C. (who was a guitarist for a well-known rock band). The car was involved in a minor accident and was repainted in metallic Black.
  • Mr. R. C. then sold the car to Mr. S. B. The car was again repainted during Mr. S. B.'s ownership, but this time in just normal Black.
  • Mr. S. B. then sold the car to his son.
  • Offered for sale by "Family Classic Cars" in 2006. The car has only 32,200mi. on the odometer at the time of sale.