Profile of S/N: 15454

  • Sold new by Cooper's in Leicestershire, UK, in May 1980.
  • Sold to second owner in Dec. 1980.
  • Sold to Jaymain Motors of Havant, Hants, in Feb. 1981.
  • Purchased in Dec. 1984 by a private individual who registered it under his company name. In October 1987, he transfered it to his own name.
  • Since this owner seldom used the car, he decided in 1995 to have the car restored and commissioned Rardley Motors to do the restoration. This involved body & paint, bumpers, engine work (cam belts) and new shock absorbers. Car put into storage afterwards.
  • The second owner purchased the car again, in May 1997.
  • The car was put up for sale through Maranello Sales, UK, and sold in March 1988.
  • Sold again in Oct. 1999, to seventh owner.
  • Sold to eighth owner in Jan 2003, who owned the car until Dec. 2003.