Profile of S/N: 15468

  • One of three RHD cars produced with the rear luggage-shelf option, instead of the rear seats (This car is so equiped, but, as is so oftem claimed to be one of three, there may be actually four - or more - including this one, along with #12638 [under "Cars built in 1976"], #14454 [under "Cars built in 1978"] and #14940 [under "Cars built in 1979"]).
  • Was originally White with Blue interior.
  • Was owned by Mr. P. G. in 1999. During this time (October, 1999), it was featured on the "Talacrest" show-stand at the London Motor Show.
  • This car was compared to a Maserati Merak in a feature article of "Classic and Sportscar" magazine, Spring 2005.
  • Claimed mileage from new is 45,000mi.