My trip to Concorso Italiano, 2004

Two views of my car taken from my chase/support vehicle (my parents!), along the I-5, somewhere in northern California. Its interesting to note, that they came along with their van, so that if the Ferrari broke down, I could fix it and wouldn't be stranded by the side of the road. Well, THEIR VAN broke down and my Ferrari became the support vehicle! AAA towed it to the next town (Arbuckle, CA.) and was fixed at the Ford dealership and ready the next day:

Stuck by the side
of the road

Ooops! Power steering
fluid leaking out!

We stayed at the Holiday Inn in Marina, CA. which was just up the road from the event in Seaside, CA. In the hotel parking lot were a number of exotic vehicles, including this classic, 1961 Maserati 3500 GT Touring-bodied coupe:

Event pictures

Sculpture made from one of the sand-traps on the golf course:

The GT4 section of the event:

Another view of the GT4 section.

Me (red jacket) and Rob Garven
(yellow shirt. He owns GT4 #10766).

The only 208 GT4 at the show:

I was allowed to drive my GT4 up on to the main stage, where Keith Martin (green hat) and Keith Bluemel (pink shirt) explained the history of each car that drove up. I got a round of applause from the crowd, when I mentioned I drove my car all the way down from Canada! For those of you who don't know, Mr. Martin publishes the magazine: "Sports Car Market" (and used to host the annual Barrett-Jackson classic car auction for SpeedTV network) and Mr. Bluemel is a noted Ferrari expert and author.

The other Italian cars on display:

The very rare 1950 Abarth 205A Berlinetta Vignale, S/N: 205101:

Another rare car, an ATS 2500:

This is a prototype of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider, designed by Bertone:

This row of red Ferraris were arranged to spell out the word "Ferrari", when seen from above in a helicopter:

This is a brand new Ferrari Enzo supercar painted in... Orange. Why Orange? The owner also owns the "Ferrari of Orange County" dealership in Costa Mesa, California:

On the way back home...

Weed CA. makes a nice half-way stopping point, between Vancouver and Monterey. It's located close to the northern border of California. Just south of Weed is the town of Mt. Shasta, which gets its name from the neighboring mountain. When we arrived, this area was experiencing terrible forest fires, with the plumes of smoke filling the southwest skyline... Which happened to make the setting sun glow with brilliant intensity:

A clear view of 14,162 ft
tall Mt. Shasta.

Beautiful sunset through
the smokey skyline.

Overall, I enjoyed the trip immensely and will never forget it. It was more than just a trip, it was an experience of a lifetime. When I was much younger, I had dreamed of driving a Ferrari down the California coast and I was able to make that dream come true. Hopefully, I'll do it again!

Trip statistics:

-Total distance, from Vancouver, Canada to Monterey and back: 2262.9 mi (3641.7 km).

-Total amount of fuel purchased during the trip: 122.3 gal (462.9 L).

-Average fuel consumption (hwy. & city driving): 15.4 mpg (22.0 L/100Km).

-Total amount spent on fuel: $292.74 USD (appx. $389.46 CDN based on exchange rate of 1.33 at that time).