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An online database of chassis, engine and transmission numbers, as well as vehicle colours, specification, history and current location. Ordinarily, owner's names are not published for privacy reasons. Many thanks to Carl Atkins, Gianni Codiferro, Mike Dawson, Erik van den Eijnden, Thomas Gonnella, Frederic Gully, Carl Jones, Michael Platzer, Neils Schouten, the late Denny Schue (who past away on June 17th, 2006. Without him, this Registry would be nowhere near as full as it is now.), Michael Sheehan, Dave Stacy and Mike Wheeler for providing a large part of the information contained in this Registry.

Updated: March 28th, 2009

Future updates:

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Note #1: The GT4 model range had as an option, the Berlinetta Boxer lower matt-black paint scheme (code #: 20-B-50). In this list, that colour specification will be described as: "-Boxer".

Note #2: The range of serial numbers per year are an estimation only.

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(S/N: 13952 to 14758)
(S/N: 14760 to 15398)
(S/N: 15400 to 15604)

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Dino GT4 and other useful links (updated February 2009):

Concorso Italiano 2004:

It was an amazing event! It was declared during the show that 538 Ferraris were registered and on display! One of the largest gatherings of Ferraris anywhere. I drove my 308 GT4 all the way down from Canada to attend this event and the car performed flawlessly - no breakdowns/incidents/or any other problems! Click on the link below to see photos and read about my experience travelling to and participating in the event:

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